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If You Have a Minute...

Sometimes I like to find a devotional or conference message on BYUtv and listen to it while doing a quiet activity with the kids. I love the spirit that it brings into our home, and even if I don't catch every single word, it really makes a difference in my day. I was listening to this talk yesterday while playing play-doh with my boys. I loved it so much! - which means that I have a lot to work on...but I want to work on it! This is a talk about the dangers of pride and how to overcome it. Really great stuff. So take a minute, pull out the crayons or puzzles with your kids and have yourself a listen. Or a couple of listens as I need to catch it all:)
BYUtv - BYU Devotional: Elder Kim B. Clark (9/29/2009)

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Laura said...

New pride talk"s" book coming to our house!
This is profound and very,very delicious!!!
The new book will have the original (President Benson's "Beware of Pride""); then this masterpiece,"Are ye Stripped of Pride?" by Kim Clark and then, President Uchtdorf's talk "Pride and the Priesthood".
Won't that be the triple dog dare of pride suppressants?!
Thank you sweet Mary, for sharing this loving reminder of the TRUTH!
I adore you as always! (I know you won't "inhale")