"Motherhood is not a burden to be borne, it is a privilege to be enjoyed. It is not a trial of endurance, it is a time of celebration." Winnie Dalley


A house, or a HOUSE?

"Christ promised us a more abundant life if we would follow his teachings. He taught that going the second mile in any task brings joy and abundance. If we just do the minimum requirements as mothers, it is easy to be frustrated and feel that our job is demeaning. If we rise above the minimum and work to make motherhood a work of art, we will experience joy.
Take, for example, the rather onerous task of changing diapers. It is a necessity, and we can treat it as an evil and be very unhappy about doing it over and over again. Or we can see it as a part of nurturing a precious human being—in which case we change the diaper as soon as it is necessary, making sure the child is comfortable and happy and clean and that the dry diaper fits well. We take care of the soiled diaper at once (they do not improve with age). We can even use this time alone with our baby to give him some special love and attention. When we approach the job this way, we even get a certain amount of satisfaction out of it, and why not? We have to do it anyway. It’s a matter of choice—do we want to build houses or HOUSES?"
"There are houses and then there are HOUSES. Houses (lowercase) simply provide basic shelter. On the other hand, HOUSES (uppercase) are built and planned with love and care. They provide shelter, but also enrich the lives of those who live in them. These two kinds of houses are symbolic of an ordinary job of mothering and approaching our job with an attitude of excellence. Looking at the creations of the Lord here on this earth, I don’t believe He is interested in the easiest and cheapest. A sunset, a starry night, a pine tree, or a peach blossom remind me that God creates glory—even in the smallest details. A HOUSE of God should be glorious and as excellent as we can make it."

Taken from an article, "The Joys of Motherhood" by Petrea Kelly.  You can read the full text here.

Love This!

My sister really has a beautiful point here....for everything in life, not just motherhood.  Don't you think? :)

Some Happy Thoughts

I have really found this to be true in my own life...

"It ought not to be difficult for us to keep the commandments of the Lord, because keeping them leads to happiness. It ought not to be difficult for husbands and wives to love one another and be true to one another, because doing so is a source of happiness. It ought not to be difficult for boys and girls to love their parents and honor them, because that is another source of happiness. Being honest with our neighbors is a source of happiness. Paying Him our tithes and our offerings is a source of blessing and happiness. I might go on and enumerate many other things, but I may sum it all by saying: All the happiness that is worthy of the name, all the real happiness there is in this world, comes from living in accordance with the commandments of God—whether men know it or not."—President George Albert Smith

Happiness is Home Centered

I loved this talk, "Happiness is Home Centered" by Elder N. Eldon Tanner.  You can read the whole thing here., but I'll share a couple of my favorite parts....

"The happiest people I know are those whose life-styles center around the home. Work is very important, and success in one’s profession or business is also essential to happiness, but remember what we say so often: “No other success can compensate for failure in the home.” (David O. McKay.)

"If the trouble in the world is to be corrected, it will have to begin in the home where the future leaders are trained. What greater contribution can be made than for women to bear children who, through the mother’s influence, can be instrumental in righting some of the wrongs in the world.
Those women who for one reason or another do not have children may likewise wield great influence and find their places in society, as many have by working with the children of others or by entering into some field of activity where their talents lie. Let me remind those who discountenance motherhood that they owe much to the mothers who gave them birth, without whose tender loving care and early training in the home they would not be in a position to give worthwhile service to others. We recognize the many, many women who are not mothers who give invaluable service in the auxiliary organizations and in many other fields of endeavor."

"In a tribute to mothers on one occasion, President David O. McKay said: “She who can paint a masterpiece or write a book that will influence millions deserves the plaudits and admiration of mankind. But she who would willingly and anxiously rear successfully a family of beautiful healthy sons and daughters whose lives reflect the teachings of the gospel, deserves the highest honors that man can give, and the choicest blessings of God. In fact, in her high duty and service to humanity, endowing with mortality eternal spirits, she is a co-partner with the Great Creator himself.” (Improvement Era, May 1936.)

These words make me think what an honor and privilege I have of being called a mother.


Feeding the 5,000...or the 5

I have been feeling very grateful for the Lord's help in my day to day life lately.  My husband switched to night shift at work and it is an adjustment.  He goes to work just before the kids go to bed and comes home just before they wake up.  We see him for 3 or 4 hours when he wakes up in the late afternoon/evening.  He is a wonderful man and I so appreciate how hard he works for our family.  Night time is hard around here.  My sweet baby girl wakes up frequently.  My older boys have been getting up also due to bad dreams or wetting the bed.  When my hubby is home, he takes the boy duty, but with him gone it has been Mommy up a lot:)  Sometimes I don't know how I am going to get up in the morning.  I know that I am not the only one who feels this way.  I think it just comes with the territory of being a mom.  Even with just one kid getting up at night, I still feel exhausted in the morning.  It's hard work.  But I'm so grateful for the Holy Ghost who can remind me in those hard moments that it is indeed a privilege to be a mother.  It is a privilege to be so needed.  And it is just what the Lord knows that I need to be refined and changed.
I love this song.  I have posted it before, but I love it so much that I'll do it again:)  I think that whether He is feeding the 5,000 or helping me to feed my family of 5, it is still a miracle. And He does perform miracles for me over and over again.  I'm so grateful that He gives me strength when I don't have any.  I'm so grateful that He forgives me when I don't do this job right.  I'm so grateful that He teaches me and is patient with me.  I'm so grateful that He helps me to love this job with all of it's wonders and difficulties.  I'm so grateful for His tender mercies.


Let's Celebrate!

I found this article and totally loved it!  I loved it so much that it inspired me to change the name of my blog because of this quote, "Motherhood is not a burden to be born, it is a privilege to be enjoyed. It is not a trial of endurance, it is a time of celebration."  Let's celebrate, Ladies!
There are many worldly trends in parenting telling us how mothering is just too hard and we need more time for ourselves.  But as women who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, we should rise above these voices and be a voice for the joyous and wonderful blessings of motherhood. There are too many young girls who don't want to have children for fear that it is too hard or that they won't have time to pursue the things that they want.  Often the voices telling them these things are from mothers who can't wait for their kids to get out of the house.  That makes me so sad.  I'm not saying that being a mom isn't hard because it is!  I think it is the hardest thing a woman can do.  But I also believe that it is because it is so hard that it is the best and most fulfilling thing a woman can do- not in spite of the hard things, but because of them. 
Everything that I learn and continue to learn from the scriptures and from prophets and apostles is encouraging and uplifting and it tells me to love and enjoy the role of mother that I have been give.  The gospel teaches me to put my children's need above my own and to find gratitude in doing it.  Sometimes that is hard and it takes work, but by turning to the Lord I do know it is possible to keep His commandment to be grateful in all things.
I could go on an on as I feel passionately about this subject, in case you couldn't tell :) but read this because she puts it so much better than I do.
And have a wonderful day!  I am cheering for all you moms out there who love their role and fulfill it so well!  Let's celebrate!!


Love This Mama!

My sister has a blog and I just love to read it.  She had her first baby last July and has been documenting her experiences with motherhood.  She is a very gifted writer.  Her thoughts are beautiful and inspiring.  You should read it!