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Easter Week Ideas: Sunday-Tuesday

Happy Easter Week!  I know we're already 3 days in, but I just decided this morning to post about some of the things we do in our family to make this week the most celebrated holiday of the year!
When I was growing up, my mom and dad decided they wanted Easter to be the biggest and most important holiday in our house.  Every day, starting on Palm Sunday, we do something special to remember what Jesus did during this last week of His life on earth.  I won't go into detail about everything we do (because there's a whole book that my mom made for this special week), but I thought I would share some of our traditions and ideas that I have adapted a bit for our young children.

Since it's Tuesday, I'll have to catch up a bit for Sunday and Monday. :)

Palm Sunday

We talk about Jesus riding into Jerusalem and how the people shouted "Hosanna!" and laid down their clothes and palm branches in the way.  We make palm branches out of construction paper and put them by our front door. We talk to the kids about how Jesus is coming again to the earth and what we can do to be ready to meet Him.

Every day we eat special and yummy food that is symbolic of something to remind us of the Savior as well. 


Today Jesus cursed the barren fig tree, cleansed the temple and healed in the temple.  Each day we read from the scriptures about what Jesus did on that day.  My husband and I read together, and we use pictures to teach what happened to our children, as well as reading as much as their little attention spans can handle.

For an art project today, you could make a fig tree out of construction paper, (or any fruit tree) and discuss with your kids what it means to have "fruit" and not just "leaves". 
For Family Home Evening last night, we talked about Jesus cleansing the temple because people were not doing good things in the temple.  Then we discussed how we want our home to be like the temple and what we should be doing and not doing in our home to make that happen.

We ate fig cookies to remind us to be fruitful.  For dinner we ate french toast to remember that Jesus is the bread of life.


Today Jesus taught many parables.  He also lamented over Jerusalem and how often he tried to gather them as a hen gathers her chickens under her wings and they would not.
So today we talk about the parables that Jesus taught.  A lot of the parables have a picture to go with it from the gospel art kit.
This morning we made chicks to remind us that we want to be gathered and follow Jesus. (Thanks to my sister-in-law for the cute idea:)

I also have been trying to display a visual of what happened on each day on our counter so the kids can see it in the morning.
Tonight we will eat chicken for dinner to further remind us to be gathered. :)
My mom makes these absolutely adorable chick sugar cookies as well, but as I said earlier, I'm just giving a few ideas right now. 

I hope everyone celebrates this most special week and remembers how much our Savior loves us all.
Happy Easter Week!


Linda Peterson said...

LOVE your family traditions!! Thanks for sharing :)

Missy said...

How fun. Here is a great blog with lots of good easter activities.