"Motherhood is not a burden to be borne, it is a privilege to be enjoyed. It is not a trial of endurance, it is a time of celebration." Winnie Dalley


Little Mommy

I just love being a mommy.  I can't imagine that there is anything in the world that could fill me up with so much happiness.  Here is an example of this happiness from my day today. 
Our precious 'baby' girl is getting so big.  She is 17 months and she is already a mommy.  She is obsessed with babies.  She tries to hold 'babies' who are bigger than her.  When she was still crawling she would chase around her older cousin with her arms stretched out trying to hold her.  This obsession has only grown as she can now walk and is starting to become a little chatterbox.  We were on a walk today and we passed one of our neighbors who has a little 5 month old baby.  Anna immediately reached her arms out and started yelling, 'Baby! Baby!'.  Our sweet neighbor actually let her hold her baby.  Well let me tell you, Anna was in 7th heaven!  She had the hugest grin on her face and kept stroking the baby and patting her tummy, all while repeating, 'baby, baby..' over and over again.  When the baby's mommy asked if she could take the baby back, Anna would shake her head and hold her closer.  She cried and cried when her turn to be mommy was over.  It was so precious to watch.
I think it is so beautiful how this sweet little girl already knows who she is.  She already loves being a woman even in her tiny toddler form.  This desire to mother came built in with her spirit.  I feel like getting on top of the tallest building and shouting to the whole world when I think about how amazing and fantastic it is to be a woman.  I feel so blessed to have the ability to create life with my husband and then to watch as my body knows exactly what to do.  And why?  Not by chance, but by divine design. I am a woman and I have the sacred priviledge and responsibility to bear children.  I feel sad for women who have bought into the lie that being a mother is just not enough....who feel that they have to think and do and be exactly the same as a man in order to be equal.  We are different on purpose.  For a purpose.  I am so grateful for the amazing happiness that comes from knowing who I am and why I am here and where I can go after this life.  I am so grateful for the things that I can learn about my Heavenly Parents by having my own turn as a parent here on earth.  I am in awe when I think of how much I love my children and want their happiness more than anything....and to know that my Heavenly Parents love me with that same kind of love, only it's the perfect kind, and it's multiplied by an infinite number, so big of a way that I can't even comprehend it.  The more I ponder it, the more quiet and humble I feel.  I am most grateful.

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