"Motherhood is not a burden to be borne, it is a privilege to be enjoyed. It is not a trial of endurance, it is a time of celebration." Winnie Dalley


A Beautiful Thought

As quoted by President Gordon B. Hinckley: "E.T. Sullivan once wrote these interesting words: "When God wants a great work done in the world or a great wrong righted, He goes about it in a very unusual way. He doesn't stir up His earthquakes or send forth His thunderbolts. Instead, He has a helpless baby born, perhaps in a simple home and of some obscure mother. And then God puts the idea into the mother's heart, and she puts it into the baby's mind. And then God waits." "


Missy said...

I love this! Really makes me stop and think. A very humbling though. Thanks for sharing it.

Laura said...

This is profound and wonderful to ponder is it not????
Babies truly are magic!!!especially Anna Bananna xoxo