"Motherhood is not a burden to be borne, it is a privilege to be enjoyed. It is not a trial of endurance, it is a time of celebration." Winnie Dalley


And Another Thing....

I wanted to post this quote with my last post, but didn't have it with me. I think this is a very profound statement and something I want to remember.

"Indeed, one of the signs of mature Latter-day Saint life is the ability to see a limitation in ourselves without letting it cast a shadow over all the many other things we do and say....It has always struck me as being sad that those among us who would not think of reprimanding our neighbor, much less a total stranger, for mistakes that have been made or weaknesses that might be evident, will nevertheless, be cruel and unforgiving to themselves. When the scriptures say to judge righteously, that means with fairness and compassion and charity. That's how we must judge ourselves. We need to be patient and forgiving of ourselves, just as we must be patient and forgiving of others."
Howard W. Hunter


Jesse said...

Ooo...I'm stealing that quote.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Mary. I love the quote. I used to really struggle with that. Everything I did was always cast in a harsh light. It is only recently that I am beginning to appreciate myself for who I am and remember that I am human, and its ok to make mistakes. Thanks again for the quote, and the blog!