"Motherhood is not a burden to be borne, it is a privilege to be enjoyed. It is not a trial of endurance, it is a time of celebration." Winnie Dalley


I Want To Be More!

There was an ad recently on a billboard where I live that went something to the effect of..."Tired of never being good enough? Come to our church where we accept you as you are." I am paraphrasing, but that was the jist. Obviously, there was a church targeting mormon women and our tendency to be perfectionists. It is true that we as women tend to be too hard on ourselves, which isn't good. However, it would break my heart to hear of anyone leaving the church because they were tired of trying to be better. No, we are not perfect. That is why our most loving Heavenly Father created the Plan of Salvation for us....so that we can become perfect, slowly but surely, day by day as we turn to our Savior and use the atonement. I for one refuse to give in to the idea that 'you will never be good enough, so you might as well stop trying.' No! I want to be more...more and more and more every day of the woman that my Father in Heaven knows that I can become. And I rejoice in my ability to become more because of my Savior. This song is the song of my heart!

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Laura said...

more courage, more hope, more faith....More so that we can serve others effectively, share more generously, judge more righteously...
Elder Neal A Maxwell stated that "to many of us are freezing to death and that lives could be saved if we were generous in giving the cloak of praise."
To often we see someone doing something we admire or even emulate. Then the adversary mocks that person with "flattering words" like..."who does she think she is? or I could do better than that! ...or "she thinks she's soo perfect."
WOW! I think we should all pray for the gift of charity. The wording around charity is always"the gift of"..impling that there is nothing one can do to merit charity. If we obtain this "greatest gift"; we will not worry about others motivations as much as praise them for their works...especially those that bring glory to our Father in Heaven. Just as the Savior, Jesus Christ, always, always brought glory to our Father....in point of fact; everything He yet does brings honor and glory to our Father and His holy name.
Mary dear...thank you for your example of loyalty to our Father. It is awe inspiring. Give no heed to the "madding" and mocking crowd. Soooo many love your efforts...including me